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Posted by Hillman Homes on 9/28/2017


We reached out to Catchlight Painting and asked for our clients, "Is One Brand of Paint Better than Another? Do You Get What You Pay For?" 

What a great question! There are two easy answers to these questions, not really and yes, you do.

Within each coating manufacturer’s product line there are a multitude of paints to please the price point of a multitude of consumers. For example, a landlord painting a rental apartment for transient college students isn’t willing to spend the same as a proud first-time homebuyer.

The factory owner who has 60,000 square feet of corrugated steel ceiling to paint doesn’t care about color saturation or aesthetic, just performance. The interior designer specifying product for a modern penthouse, on the other hand, may only be interested in color saturation.

I feel for the chemists who must balance this tension as they develop their coatings.

Each manufacturer meets this demand with an array of products, most of which perform as promised, and as advertised. Thus, you get what you pay for.

I think it is also fair to say 95% of paint failures are attributable to application errors, not coatings which fail to perform. So buying a cheaper paint doesn’t mean your project will look cheap or peel, or otherwise fail prematurely.

Since we present ourselves as experts and professionals, our customers rarely ask about the price or quality of the paint we use.  We make it a habit to use the best paint we can buy. As a business owner, I am aware our labor costs far outweigh paint costs on any project so trying to save money on paint to increase profit is a foolish pursuit. Better we work with the best paint we can get our hands on because it in turn makes our work look good, upon immediate application and for years to follow.

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Catchlight Painting offers fine interior and exterior residential, and commercial painting in Greater Boston. Each member of the Catchlight crew is a full-time painter, EPA lead-safe certified, experienced, and personally motivated by a desire to preserve the beauty and well-being of New England’s contemporary and historic homes.  (www.bostonpaintingcontractors.com)

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